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A UK Work Permit is granted by Work Permits UK for a job where the employer cannot easily find a suitable person working in the UK and the prospective employee with skills and experience.

Work Permit

The employer wishing to sponsor a UK Work Permit will need to show Work Permits UK that they are a viable business and that they have a genuine requirement that can be fulfilled by the prospective employee.

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About Veera Overseas!

Veera Overseas (International Education Division) is a company started by former Indian students who aspired and studied abroad. Our core activity is International Education Consulting Organization with excellent credentials For providing value based services to both International Institutes and aspiring Students in India. Now Veera Overseas has extended it’s horizons in Tiruchirapalli also. We undertake student placements in Reputed universities in the UK paving the path for their bright future through globally recognized qualifications.

Veera Overseas is best known for its Comprehensive support services. We offer open enrollment and on-site seminars specifically tailored for students. In addition to our seminars, we also offer conferences in Collaboration of world known Universities and Colleges. Each seminar is designed to be a complete learning experience as we blend our presentations With interactive exercises, case studies, group discussions. Our commitment to providing high quality education service is unmatched.

In India we are a well reputed Organization duly supported by well placed systems. We offer a professional platform to students & professionals seeking Opportunities in Universities and Colleges abroad through our strong Professional net work of offices in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Andhra Pradesh. Now we are playing a prominent role in representing UK education in Tamil Nadu. We want to create brand image for our company at the same time We are working very hard towards bringing our service within the reach of every student who aspires to study in UK.